Youth for Human Rights Races to the Finish Line!

Kent, England
1 April 2007

Nineteen-year-old race car driver Niki Lanik, the reigning 2006 Clio Cup Winter Champion, flew around England’s 1.2 mile Brands Hatch Indy circuit track on April 1st and 2nd with the Youth for Human Rights logo prominently displayed. Niki and the Youth for Human Rights UK Car Racing Team brought the vital message of human rights to a packed grandstand with over 30,000 people watching around the track, and to many more watching live television coverage.

At England’s most famous racing corner, Paddock Hill Bend, Niki and another driver touched wheels. This damaged his steering rod, but he raced on to gain an amazing 11 places! Niki sped to the finish line of Round 1 of this ELF Renault Clio Cup, which was a support race for the upcoming British Touring Car Championship.

Niki and his team will bring more human rights awareness in Round 2 of this race at Rockingham Speedway on April 22nd.

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