Human Rights Sign-a-thon a Huge Success!

18 February 2006

The first Human Rights Sign-a-Thon weekend, a grass-roots activity to get thousands of citizens signing onto a petition to raise awareness and teach human rights, was a huge success. Teaming up with like-minded groups and organizations around the world , Youth for Human Rights International obtained signatures for its petition to make human rights education a mandatory part of every child’s upbringing. In Copenhagen, Denmark, a 35-square-meter screen promoted the Sign-a-Thon in the main city square, while 200 volunteers collected 10,000 signatures.

Volunteers in France collected over 4,000 signatures and a thousand citizens signed in Athens, Greece. Strong support for human rights was also demonstrated in Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Austria and the United Kingdom, with a total of 22,000 Europeans adding their signatures over the weekend, with another 1,000 signatures from Russia.

In Asia, Taiwan collected the most signatures, with Japan close behind. The Middle East citizens of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, signed the petition.

To read this petition and to add your signature in support, sign our online version below and send this link to all your friends. Click here to sign the petition.